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My name is Christina Dark and I am a Public Figure in the cosplay community. I have been cosplaying for eight years and have been an invited guest to numerous conventions locally and internationally. Conventions that I have done include: El Paso Comic Con, Las Cruces Comic Con, and Internationally such as: Nerds Assemble and The Con in Juarez, MX, and AniMex in Monterrey, MX.  My love for cosplaying started when a friend introduced me to it after I graduated high school. I have always been a big superhero and video game nerd. I have cosplayed many characters from comic both, as well as other television and movie characters. 

I graduated in the Fall of 2016 with my BFA in Theatre Performance. I have been acting since the age of six and was also in numerous of shows such as: Taming of The Shrew, Dead Man's Cell Phone, Gruesome Playground Injuries, August: Osage County, along with many more. Over the six years I was in school, I learned to balance my education with my cosplaying. After graduating I made it a goal to cosplay full time and I am happy to say that I have been consistently blessed since then. 

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